January 26th – Australia Day in Whistler

Whilst watching coverage of the Aussie open last night and seeing the Australia day celebrations, I didn’t really go to sleep in Whistler, BC thinking that I would the whole party again 17 hours later. 

This place is absolutely rammed full of Australian teenagers, all working at the bars, shops, restaurants and on the lifts. One guy told us that the resort would grind to a halt if they all left. Well, I can tell you that it didn’t grind to a halt when they all got the day off to dress in shorts and flips flops and get wasted in the snow.  

The beauty of it is that despite being 13,500 miles from Sydney, they don’t seem to under-do the patriotism thing, so you can easily spot them. Aussie flags, rugby shirts, cricket shirts, koala suits etc are everywhere and INXS is on at every bar by 3pm as they get on the tables to have a dance (the lifts close at 3pm here… cue the party).

Why don’t we do St Georges day like this? 



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