Off the road and on again

I’m writing this latest post whilst sitting outside the Vancouver Supreme Court, waiting for a jury to  come to a decision. A past time of many news camera operators, court is THE most boring job. Luckily for me, there’s so much free wi-fi in Vancouver, I’ve not only been able to write this, but this morning I also watched a live stream of my beloved Hull City drag out a thoroughly dull 0-0 draw against Nottingham Forest.  90 minutes well spent considering the situation.

The internet is a wonderful thing

My Dad turned up yesterday. Yes, all the way from Hull. We spotted a cheap flight and, credit to him, he cancelled all plans and got over here.  So, on Monday I finish my little spell of work and hit the road to the Rockies. We’re travelling up through the Okanagan Valley via some wineries and golf courses, to Lake Louise and Banff, and then onto Calgary. Should be amazing.

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