Mountain Bike UK

After spending a few days on the downhill trails at Whistler in Canada last year I’d built a bit of an appetite for mountain biking. So, I thought I’d get myself a bike when i came back to the UK and attempt to join in with a few mates who go regularly in the UK and to the Alps. 

So, last Friday I picked up a newly built Santa Cruz Chameleon from a great little shop near Nottingham, and on Saturday took it down to Chicksands bike park in Bedfordshire and spent the day racing down the Four X track. Great fun! 


On the FourX start line at Chicksands. (L-R) Me, Jirgo, Adventure Man and Rich Vine

The bike is great. Needs some upgrades but I tested it by coming off it quite a lot and now have a splendid array of bruises to show for it.  Managed to capture a couple of the crashes on the GoPro, including a rather spectacular front flip with twist over the bars. I sort of landed on my feet which was nice. Vine managed to snap the frame on his Specialized Enduro at some point during the day. Hardcore!  Here’s a little video of our day.

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