Rock at the Railway

I finally did a gig over in Vancouver! Barely a month before we’re due to leave.  I’ve played the jam afternoons at the Yale blues club but this was a proper show.

One louder

It was at a great little club called the Railway in town, a place where Nich and I had been on one of our first days in the city back in January. I’ve been playing for a band called ‘Sora’ who are fronted by one-time John Lawton guitarist Erol Sora. I met Erol after Chris Dale of Sack Trick mentioned that he had a mate in Vancouver. The two of them had met whilst Erol was a London resident a few years back and Chris was playing for Bruce Dickinson in the Skunkworks era. It was great to get back into it, and everything worked out really well. I managed to scrape together a keyboard, stand and use the Mac as a synth (Native Instruments B3 plugin!).  It may turn out to be a one off but if I get the chance to play another that’ll be great. Here’s a little clip from the show…

Check out Erol’s stuff at He has two albums, both released in Europe and Japan.

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