Return of the studio

Things are starting to get back to normal.  Now we’ve moved back into our house, I’ve got all of my studio equipment back and managed to have some mates over for a jam on Friday.  After the flooding of a bunch of our furniture and the fire sale the preceded the move to Vancouver, we’ve found ourselves with a lot less stuff so I’ve been able to litter our attic room with pretty much exclusively musical instruments and equipment.

I’ve still not bought a soundcard as I ponder the switch to Mac for recording so I was glad to find out the the standard PC recording input still worked. 


The studio. Bit of a mess but getting there.

At the weekend, as way of a studio test, Nicola and I decided to do an homage to Canadian folk-rock band Great Big Sea, by covering ‘General Taylor’ (and Steeleye Span, of course). I set up a little vocal booth on the spare room using only sheets, duvets and Jeremy Nicholas jumpers and we cracked on.


The ‘vocal booth’

It’ll be great to get back into music again, after a year with only a couple of gigs in Vancouver to speak of. Here are the fruits of our afternoon session!

Nich and Dave cover ‘General Taylor’

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